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Perception, emotion, and the subjectivity of the artist’s vision are themes that Julianna Sophia explores in her work. “My objective,” she says, “is to express the feelings of joy and awe that nature inspires in me. I believe that painters have a vocabulary of color, texture and other elements of design at their disposal that can be more powerful than words or even music in evoking an emotional response.”

Passion for the process of creating is as much ‘the point’ as passion for the subject she is rendering. “The first thing that struck me about Julianna Sophia’s work,” said Roger Ricco, prominent art historian and authority on folk, self-taught and outsider art,” was that it seems to be created with a sense of complete devotion to paint – something intensely needful – with no fanciful nonsense.

And her passion is evident in every stroke … (giving) … her paintings of seemingly common subject matter a freshness that is a delight to behold. She brings new life to the genre.”

Ms. Sophia grew up in the seacoast town of Hingham Massachusetts where, she says, “the beauty of nature – especially the ocean – affected me as an almost spiritual presence.”

While studying on a graduate fellowship in the Netherlands, Ms Sophia was inspired by the abundance and variety of flowers as well as the particularly Dutch fascination with them.  While in Holland, she first viewed works by Van Gogh and felt a great connection with his free and emotive style of painting.

Her fervid sense of color and composition are influenced by the Fauves who believed art that surrendered itself to joy could still be innovative. In 1994, Ms Sophia moved to Carmel, California where she painted with the renowned Gerald Wasserman. “The most important thing I learned from him was to not be daunted by conventional techniques. He used to say, ‘If you are true to your feelings, they will appear on the canvas,” recalls Ms Sophia.

Perhaps that is why Julianna Sophia’s paintings seem to overflow the canvas: they reveal her reverence for both the genre and the nature that she paints.

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